Monday, September 24, 2012

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day to buy the necessities for the kids Halloween costumes. I stopped by the jewelry section because Lil' Bit has found her way to my jewelry organizer a time or two and clearly loves it. Since she's Little Red Riding Hood this year, I took advantage of the Fairy Tales pendant collection and found some cute ones that went along with the story, 3 silver pendants, and a deep red chain to match her outfit-to-be. I rigged it up today with some chain maille rings and pliers  she loves it already. While I was on the isle, however, I overheard some women browsing through the section. 

"This stuff is so cute! I wish I knew how to make jewelry!!!" said one of them, at which the others immediately agreed it was a talent they pined after a little bit. Having just posted my first ever attempt at jewelry here at Fresh Juniper only this summer, I laughed to myself a little. I've never taken any classes on jewelry. I made a few bracelets in youth group and Campfire Girls, but it was more camp-craft style stuff. Button bracelets and friendship braids, etc. I just saw those cute little vial necklaces everywhere, and being and AVID Hobby Lobby browser (I make a round through the whole store every time I visit during a new season) I'd seen the materials already to make them. It was just a matter of putting it together. Charm necklaces are just as easy. You can teach yourself to do just about any simple craft. The hardest part is usually knowing what it's made of and where to get that.

I honestly just don't understand how you can spend more than 2 minutes in the jewelry section of a craft store and not realize that you could make a necklace by purchasing a chain/cord and a pendant.  Yes, you can sign up for classes or read every Pinterest tutorial you can find, but DIY is finding something you want to make, finding out what it's made of, and putting it together. If you get it wrong, fix it, or just call it an artistic choice. It doesn't matter. I will post tutorials here and at Fresh Juniper in the near future. I won't do a lot of recipes, but I will show you how to do a few of my kitchen tricks. Costume tutorials with pictures to come very very VERY soon. If there's anything you'd like to see, please comment or contact me via Twitter (I really don't ever check my email, it's a lost cause).

Also, #NERDNOTE of the day, because it's Monday and I HAVE been acting like Garfield. This is for all you StarKid fans out there.


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