Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lego Night

I know it's been a while...

I could catch yall up on every single important event since my last post (I don't even remember when I last posted, and I'm too lazy to check right now). That's not going to happen though. Tonight, I showed my friend Rian my favorite place to hang out. He drove all the way down here so we could play with Legos together, but my sister is sick so I had to go to
my other home (Mill Street) with him. We had hot chocolate and built 4 sets, 2 larger models and 2 matching small star destroyers. I haven't played with Legos in years, and I'm definitely not the best at it, as Rian was quite judgey about my
Lego etiquette and my own style of figuring out things. I built the 2nd star destroyer mostly by myself, without looking at the instructions, and trying only to look at Rian's finished destroyer to know what to do. After about 5 or 6 minutes of agitated grunts and sighs of relief, and 2 or 3 assisted deconstructions from him, I finished mine. Now he has a whole fleet. I'm glad to know there are other huge nerds out there who find joy in simple things like this.

Infinite 'X's and 'O's,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nerd Night :)

Okay, so I continue the search for a new job. In the mean time, taking my niece to dance class every Wednesday is one of the highlights of my week. I made her a super adorable two-tone pink tutu with sparkles a few weeks ago, and when classes finally resumed today, she was NOT going to class without taking it with her. Now her teacher, a good friend of mine, wants one. :) I'm looking forward to making it, and this time, my niece is going to help. This weekend I'm going out of town to visit a very good friend in San Angelo. In the mean time, I'll be finishing some embroidery projects and doing some scrapbooking! YAY! Classes are slow, mid-term slow, which is almost as dull as finals. I guess I'm lucky, I never stress about these tests. I just pay attention (sort of) in class and read my books, and they're just like every other test I have, only more time consuming and therefore more dreadfully boring. Just one more semester before I take my long awaited 18 month break to serve a mission. Then I get to do what I love 24/7, not worry about dating, or school, or work. Just serving the lord. Cannot. Wait.

TONIGHT: Is nerd night! I just finished watching a cheesy action movie (Bulletproof Monk) that I bought used for $4! I love when that happens! AND I also purchased a game while at the movie/game store, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for ps2. SOOOO I'm having skating rink arcade flashbacks and playing it for hours until I either get sick from too much mint chocolate chip ice cream or I fall asleep from exhaustion. Kicking monster butt takes a lot out of a girl...

Infinite Xs and Os, yall!